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  • Track up to 40 jobs
  • Unlimited tasks
  • Unlimited notes
  • Chrome extension
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Basic features plus:

  • Track unlimited jobs
  • Discover 10 contacts /month
  • Job Search Metrics



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Basic features plus:

  • Track Unlimited jobs
  • Discover 30 contacts /month
  • Job Search Metrics

Contact Discovery

Get through to real people

Find work emails for people inside the companies you want to work for, straight from your Huntr board. Search by role and get your resume to the right hands.

Stay ahead of the curve

Don’t let your applications get stuck in the resume black-hole. A personalized email to a real person will improve your chances of getting the job!

job application
job application


Track your progress

View a timeline of how many job opportunities you’ve moved to each stage. Track the number of applications, interviews and offers over time. Create your own custom stages, we’ll track those too.

Find your bottleneck

Discover the stages where you’re losing opportunities. With this information you might decide to spend more time tweaking your resume or maybe practicing for interviews.

job application
job application

Stay on track

Have a daily application target goal? Keep yourself accountable by tracking how many jobs you’ve applied for every day.